includes bath, nail clipping, ear care and emptying of anal glands.

small dog              |     from kr 1050

medium dog         |     from kr 1150       

large dog              |    from kr 1250

extra large dog     |     from kr 1400

napp                     |     from kr 1300

cat                        |     kr 1300

* Prices vary according to dog size, desired grooming style and type of coat.

Pet care

Bath                                                    |     from kr 500

Ear cleaning and plucking                  |     kr 250

Paw care                                            |     kr 200

Face care                                           |     kr 200

Face and paw care                             |     kr 350

Emptying anal glands                         |     kr 150

Nail clipping (every fifth nailclip is free)               |   kr 100

* Bath includes nail clipping, ear care and emptying anal glands. Baths  will be charged according to duration.   

      If grooming takes longer than normal due to behaviour or bad condition of the pet's coat a fee of extra kr 300 per half hour may be applied.

Rainbows & Unicorns.

At Rainbows & Unicorns. we love animals and we want them to feel pretty, smooth and fluffy for their hoomans. So we do exactly that and treat every furry guest like a unicorn, unique, beautiful and rare.

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