includes nail clipping, ear care and emptying of anal glands if required

Small dog <6kg:

Bath and brush                                        from kr 650

Shave off, all same length                               kr 1150

Styling, body under 1.3cm                       from kr 1200

Styling, body over 1.3cm)                        from kr 1350

Medium dog 6-15kg:

Bath and brush                                       from kr 850

shave off, all same length                              kr1250

Styling, body under 1.3cm                             kr1400

Styling, body over 1.3cm                          from 1500

Large dog 16-29kg:

Bath and brush                                     from kr 1050

Shave off, all same length                             kr1350

Styling, body under 1,3cm                             kr1500

Styling, body over 1,3cm)                      from kr1650

Extra large dog >29kg:

Bath and brush                                    from kr 1250

Shave off, all same length                         kr 1550

Styling, body under 1,3cm.                        kr1700

Styling, body over 1,3cm                      from kr1850

Napp from kr1350

Cat (bath and brush) from kr800

Cat - clip (bath or no bath) from kr1400

Pet care

Nail clipping (every fifth nailclip is free)               |   kr 110

Ear cleaning and plucking                  |     kr 300

Paw care                                            |    from kr 200

Face care                                           |     from kr 200

Face and paw care                             |     from kr 350

Emptying anal glands                         |     kr 150


      If grooming takes longer than usual due to behaviour or bad condition of the pet's coat a fee of extra kr 375 per half hour may be applied.