About Us

We do it for our friends

We love animals. R&U Hundesalong was born out of a desire to provide the best care possible to all Fluffy McPuffballs we can. 

We believe in friendship

Our goal is not only to provide a fantastic grooming service (hundeklipp) but also to get to know our furry guests as long-time friends —

familiarising ourselves with their personalities,  quirks and styles.

We believe in Family 

We have a lot of love to give. That's why we treat everyone like family. From our bundles of joy to the fluffy, snuggling unicorns we groom.

We believe in Chocolate

Nothing makes a hundefrisør happier than receiving chocolates.

It really brightens up our day.

*Wink Wink

We believe in vacations 

We love our furry friends, but we also love a lovely beach in Portugal, preferably with a pina colada in our hands. 

We believe in Wonder 

Like anyone else, animals should be treated with care and gentleness.  

At Rainbows, we dedicate our time to ensuring our clients have the best experience possible.

And that they leave clean, fluffy and wagging their tales.

Our groomers (hundefrisører) pay special attention to every furry friend making sure they have an enjoyable time with us and leave with a wagging tail and a belly filled with treats. 

We Treat Every Furry Guest Like a

Unicorn: Unique, Beautiful and Rare

Sara - Master Groomer

Sara has a contagious personality, a special touch for animals, and a pocket full of yummy goodies.

She also has a remarkable track record of 100% client satisfaction, furry and hooman alike.

Vika - Assossiate Groomer

Vika is as special as they come. Great sense of humour and a huge passion for her job.

She will not rest until your furball is as fluffy as hoomanly possible.